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I'm Brad Phillips,  owner of Phast by Phillips, and have been working on restoring, racing and modifying motorcycles since 1996.  Before getting into motorcycles I was huge into vintage cars.  I spent 8 years working as a Mercedes Benz technician including one year living and working for Mercedes Benz in Germany.  I bought my First vintage car when I was 13 years old:  A 1925 Ford Model T Pickup Truck.  I Learned a lot working on that truck and soon after I went through dozens of old cars and trucks.  I still own that Model T truck and  my Dad and I still have four other Model T's in our collection.

Once I discovered motorcycles I was hooked on them.  They are a lot easier to store and work on.  I also love to race and compete on them.  I started racing by doing Vintage Trials for several years,  I came in 2nd in the nation on My OSSA MAR one year.  I had always wanted to go road racing and in 2003 I decided I was not moving along fast enough on my race bike build,  so I bought my first vintage racer ready to race: A 1972 BMW R50/5.  I got my race license and the rest is history.  So far in my racing career I have won 2 AHRMA National Championships on Ducati's. My endurance team won 3 straight National Endurance Championships riding Ducati's in the AMA.   I have won over 20 regional road race championships riding my BMW's.  I have raced every size airhead BMW in some form over the last ten years.

I love working on  race bikes almost as much as the actual racing.  Through all this work on race bikes and street bikes,   I have developed products I now manufacture.  The race track is a great place to do test parts.

There is not much we cannot do here at Phast by Phillips. We have a 6000 Square foot shop with full metal fab shop capabilities plus a huge machine shop with 5 lathes and 4 milling machines including one CNC mill.  My goal from day one is to be able to do everything in house.  That way I can keep track of quality and don't have to rely on outside venders.  That said,  I do have a wonderful group of outside vendors I work with on certain products.  Between our capabilities and my huge group of machinists, craftsmen and artists, we can do almost anything.  We also do a lot of projects outside the motorcycle industry from metal fab projects to machining projects and restoration.  Please contact us with specific needs and I'll try to help you out.

Thanks for reading, Brad
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